Sunrise over Thurstaston 1

I was awake very early this morning, and realised I’d not taken a sunrise photograph in ages. Rather than fight the duvet some more I decided to be proactive and actually get out in time for sunrise. Thurstaston Hill is one of my favourite sunrise locations, its 360 degree visibility means that there’s always something of interest to photograph, no matter where the sun is rising.Sunrise over Thurstaston Hill

This morning I climbed the hill to see a small break in the cloud, knowing I only had a small window in which the sun would pop through this break, I set to work finding a composition which I found pleasing. As the sun rose through the break in the clouds, the sandstone was bathed in a fantastic warm light, which although fleeting was a fantastic sight to behold.

A few minutes later and the magical light was gone, leaving behind a not un-photogenic scene, but no way near as photogenic as the one which had briefly graced the landscape moments earlier.

Sunrise over Thurstaston is available to purchase on my main website.

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