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I regularly get sent links to various photographic competitions, and almost inevitably don’t enter them because I’m not happy with the Ts and Cs – in general the somewhat over zealous attribution to the rights of my images most of these competitions make. I’ve now seen that pro-imaging are starting to take a stand against this ‘even if you don’t win you grant us an everlasting, royalty-free, sub-licensable exclusive license to your image for no cost’ attitude; and are publishing a list of offenders here on their website.

It offends me greatly that ‘Take A View’, which is run and promoted by Charlie Waite is on the ‘Take Care’ list. Charlie is a stock photographer; I’d lay dollars to donuts that he’d never submit one of his images to a competition who grabbed rights to one of his images.

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  1. Reply Flash May 5, 2008 3:45 pm

    Dear Tim,

    I’m one of the campaign team at Pro-Imaging. Thanks for mentioning it on your website. We too are disappointed that Charlie Waite is supporting this contest.

    After reading what you said, we added a link on our Investigated List that takes people straight to Charlie Waite’s contact form.

    If people want to they can express how they feel about this to Charlie, it’s possible that he’s never seen the rules.

    Thanks again,


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