Host Named Site Collections and SharePoint 2013 1

Host Named Site collections were of course available in SharePoint 2010, but weren’t used in many environments, in fact all bar one of the production deployments I’ve been involved with used path-based site collections. This new TechNet Post (and the underlying article by PFE Timo Heidschuster) explain in detail the improvements in HNSC which have been made in SharePoint 2013, and the way in which the old, and some of the new 2013 components interact with these site collections.

I wonder if Central Admin supported creation of Host Named Site Collections rather than path-based ones if we’d get more uptake of these?

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  1. Reply Timo Heidschuster May 21, 2013 9:31 pm

    No you need to use PowerShell to go on. We understand this is a gap in SharePoint 2013. Even you create it you would need to create your own provisioning process for the MySite. MySite process is also path based and not hostnamed. In SharePoint 2013 we support mix match hostnamed and path based within one web application.


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